Large format Printing

Large format printing

We print and perform stand-alone cutting without intermediate steps, with high quality results.
Print resolution of 1440 x 1440 dpi.
Digital Printing Materials.
Below you will read about the print and cut-out materials as well as their use:
PVC Tarpaulin. Very durable banner for external hard use. It can get bored and pierced in order to hang. Very good print quality.
It is also available in:
PVC BACKLIT (Backlight)
MESH Net (Perforated tarpaulin for air resistance)
Very durable perforated banner for external hard use.
Adhesive White Matte or Gloss Permanent Paste.
Soft and flexible. For more short-term applications.
ONE WAY VISION (Perforated Sticker)
Soft PVC film with perforated surface, white print surface and black back surface for greater contrast. Use on transparent surfaces such as plexiglas, glazing, car windshields, etc.
Paper White paper with soft texture on the front. The back side is blue. Waterproof. Very good print quality (120 gr / m²)
SOLVOPRINT BACKLIT Polyester film with special coating. Photorealistic print quality. Bright colors even day. It is printed on the front. Waterproof and stretch resistant. For internal and external use.
PP SATIN Polypropylene, with special inkjet coating, abrasion-resistant, photorealistic print quality, suitable for display systems, for indoor applications.
ART CANVAS White polyester / cotton fabric, photographic quality. Easy framing for frame construction.
ARTIST BANNER Matte, polyester fabric, for indoor & outdoor use. Suitable for panel & roller construction.
Multi-color adhesive tapes, digital printing as well as upholstery wall-finishing applications with excellent application.
Quality colored adhesive membranes for the use of inscriptions and decorations.
Transparent and transparent self-adhesive films for any light tag application.
Self-adhesive membranes with optical sandblasting / ice and with 100% transparency in various colors for special glass decorations.
Self-adhesive films with glossy mirroring surface for separate decorative graphics, labels, stickers etc.
Dye masks for high quality and precision in creating fonts & graphics with paint / spray or sandblasting.
Self-adhesive digital wallpapers for wall decoration applications with excellent application.
PAPER PHOTO TEX Phototex is a revolutionary high quality adhesive cloth of 212g / m2, with a wide range of uses from decoration (digital wallpapers) to outdoor and indoor signage.
Phototex has a patented adhesive that fits very loud on any non-porous surface (plasterboard, glass, metal, plexiglass, etc.), leaves no residue and does not damage the substrate when removing the material. It is easy to apply, it is waterproof, backlit, does not tear or curl. It excels in resolutions up to 2550 dpi. Phototex was awarded 2008 as the best medium of its category by the readers of the Wide Format Imaging magazine.
Wall Upholstery: Surfaces of material with various textures such as:
- WALL PAPER LINEN - WALL PAPER STUCCO. They are glued with glutenin.

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